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I have one Bushnell. I think it's a 4-12 (or maybe a 3-12, I forget). It has held up pretty well, though it has some little plastic bar thingies on the windage and elevation knobs and one of them broke. Scope still works, but it does irk me a bit that the scope would have a cheap flimsy part on it. All the other scopes I have are Leupold, and one Burris. My Brother-in-Law just bought a Zeiss Victory in 3-12, with a 30 mm tube and a 56mm objective. Cost about $1900. I'd sure like one of those, but my wife would kill me. I asked the BiL if he had the nerve yet to tell his wife, my sister, and he said that she urged him to buy it. Good Lord! I wonder what wine he filled her up with before he brought that subject up. I'll go buy some of that wine and try it on my wife.
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