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Al Norris
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Busy time For Alan Gura this coming October.

Schrader will be argued on October 10th, at the D.C. Circuit.
Lane will be argued on October 23rd, 4th Circuit.
Woollard will be argued on October 24th, also 4th Circuit.

Many of us had thought that the 7th Circuit would be releasing the decision on the Moore/Sheppard cases by close of the session, August 8th. It didn't happen.

But not to be discouraged, the 7th Circuit is still releasing decisions!

There were 5 decisions released on the 8th; 5 on the 9th; 5 on the 10th; 1 on the 13th; 5 on the 14th; 1 on the 15th and 2 today, the 16th. These decisions are both criminal and civil decisions, so there is still plenty of hope that our case(s) may be decided fairly soon.
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