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Late last year I acquired my first 45 Colt in a Ruger RH. My first loads through it were using some 200, 230 and 255gr Oregon Trail bullets I purchased years ago for my 45 ACP. I figured why not give them a whirl. I started out working with Unique from 8 thru around 10grs, (THIS WAS IN A REDHAWK) depending on the weight and looking for leading. I found them all to be accurate.

I have since played around with weights up through the Lee 452-300 RF and found nothing which I would hesitate to head to the woods with. Powders have been AA-5,7, and 9, along with 2400 and some limited 296 loads. This said my overall best loads came after running across the following write up by John Linebaugh, Gun Notes by John Linebaugh

After reading through this and the other listed link by Taffin, went with the latter due to having some HS-6 on hand. Using the 250 - 280'ish grain bullets I have not found any reason to really need anything else. Every load I have shot using his recommendations has dome very to extremely well and like he said hits with ample power, out to further than most have any business shooting.

As for bullets, I have read good reports form many satisfied folks who use Missouri Bullets for their needs. A close friend purchased several weights, styles and hardness, from Montana Bullet Works, and was satisfied with the quality and variety of them as well. Me personally I cast my own using a couple of different molds from Lee, and also from MP Molds. I use pretty much a 9-13BHN for everything in my revolvers up to 1350fps, sized to fit my cylinder bores. With the Colt, even though I have bumped up a few loads simply to test them, I feel no need what so ever to go above the load listed in the above link using HS-6 and the 260gr bullets. If that one don't git-r-done, I can easily bump up to the 454 and get what I am lacking.
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