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That, and it explains why the FBI is involved in kidnappings and bank robbery cases. The FBI is descended from the revenuers tasked with stopping illegal booze. When one of the drug prohibitions ended and a few of the rum-runners went into violent crime, the FBI was re-tasked with chasing the same guys they'd been tracking as rum-runners.

Mind you, the VAST majority of the rum-runners did something other than violent crime. Some still stayed in crimes like "vice", a lot went clean.

One group went to Hot Springs Arkansas and opened up a huge gambling den - all illegal of course. Post-WW2 there was an anti-corruption wave across the South - the most extreme being the Battle Of Athens TN that most of us know about, but Hot Springs got cleaned out too.

What was left of those gangsters went to a place nobody had ever heard about, way the hell out in the desert...yeah...Las Vegas .

Anyways. When we end the rest of prohibition, some of the dealers and importers will go to violent crime. I predict that some of the big Mexican cartels will try Somali-style piracy. The inner-city gangs, God jobs for a while I suspect. None of it will last that long...the profit-to-risk ratio is nuts compared to dealing coke or whatever.

It'll also be a damn good time to have a CCW permit.
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