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Rifle Fit it the heart of the problem

I shoot a Savage 116, 338 Win Mag. About 20 rounds is my limit before the body wants a break.

1. You should check the fit of the rifle to YOUR BODY. If the length of pull (LOP) is too long or short, you will not get a good shouldering.

2. Have a really good recoil pad installed. Insure when the recoil pad is installed the LOP is correct.

3. Proper form. Firm but not death grip on the rifle

4. Do not fight the recoil, "allow" your body to "roll with the punch"

5. Much like a car wreck the key to surviving recoil is to increase the length of time it takes to absorb the energy and to spread the load over the largest area possible.

6. Last WEAR EYE PLUG AND MUFFS!!! much of the "PAIN" in shooting a rifle is acerbated by the noise and Muzzle blast.

Happy Shooting
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