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I used to live in Reno and have hunted all across the west. A 30-06 will surely do everything just fine. May not shoot quite as flat as a 270 or 25-06, or have as much on-paper oomph as a 300 Magnum, but it will work just fine. And all that talk about needing a super-flat shooting rifle is based on a small percentage of the shots you will ever be given. Just to give you a perspective, I have hunted with a 7X57 on and off for years. My farthest shot while I lived in NV was about 400 yds, easily doable with a 30-06. So yes, some guys with their 257 Weatherbys or 7mm RUMs may shoot half a mile, but generally you can get closer without too much effort, and your shot will be more likely to hit what you are aiming for.

BTW, you can get the BOSS system without the ports on the BOSS, it will be a lot more pleasant to shoot.
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