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5.56-.223 Mags & First AR

I'm just deciding I want to get an AR while I still can. I haven't followed them so I'm pretty ignorant on this subject, this should qualify any questions I might ask, such as this one.
A little history might be called for here. I'm looking to spend a paltry $700 range. The reason for the low price range is I'm old, and also don't have a lot to spend, and since I've got one foot in the grave, and the other foot on a banana peel, I thought an inexpensive model would work for me. I'm currently eying a Doublestar, I was also looking at Del-ton, and DPMS, which I'd not heard of these 3 before, so I don't know which is quality or not, other than basing it on price.? I saw these 2 mentioned in an old thread I viewed, PSA and Spikes, and I just wondered what they are exactly? I plan to get a 5.56 so I can shoot .223 also, when the occasion arises.

And, a day or 2 ago, I got to wondering if the 5.56 & the .223 magazines are interchangeable, or would I need separate mags for each? I'm pretty sure there's some here that can shed some light on this subject and my questions.? Thanks in advance.
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