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Former Assistant Secretary of Defense of Mexico & generals indicted for drug smugglin

Six high-ranking members of the Mexican army, including four generals, have been formally charged with collaborating with drug traffickers

You wonder how 26% of the weapons that the Mexican Army procured through the Direct Commercial Sales program wound up with the cartels... well now you now.

I haven't seen this story covered by any of the major U.S. news outlets (if someone else can find a story - then by all means prove me wrong), but I don't get how no one in the media can connect the dots back to our own State Department.

The traffiking obviously went on since F&F did move weapons, but I wonder if BATFE hadn't been making it so easy and in some cases even pushing it... I wonder how many guns would have actually moved to the cartels from legitimate gun dealerss.

Looking at the high level of cooperation between the cartels and the Army, I think its ludicrous to say that the cartles were arming themselves via straw purchases.
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