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OK admittedly I’m something of an idealist on gun rights.... But seriously the NFA in my opinion is far from being undefeatable... I can see the court would rule they have the right to tax but how a tax would somehow limit production seems a stretch especially in order for there to be a tax you must have viable weapons...

Further the 2A says Arms and if you want to be specific this seems to indicate all manner of weapons. I have even read that it was known that there were a very few custom muskets in the revolutionary war that apparently fired multiple rounds in a Roman candle sort of fashion. Seems like they must have had a side chamber to hold a small powder charge that acted as a fuse but thats just my guess...

In any case its clear that these arms were intended to be used as weapons of war, weapons of war would seem to include all manner of full and semi auto firearms....

Now if only the SCOTUS can make another decison that spells this all out without waiting another 100 years.... honestly shame on them for not having sorted this all out long ago...
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