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Why not? McDonalds did it with their $1 burger, it used to have 2 pieces of cheese - now you just get 1, but people still buy 'em
Actually they didnt. They DID take the double cheesburger off the dollar menu, and added the mcdouble, which does only have one piece of cheese. But the double cheesburger is still avalable for $1.29. I guess I am weird in that I always get the double cheesburger for the extra piece of cheese... I tried the mcdouble and its no good....

As for the 15 pieces of brass well, its called customer service. You can save the $2.50 in shipping and lose the customer plus those he tells about the poor service, or you can eat it, still make a profit, plus the profits from future orders and those he tells about the great customer service....
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