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Re the shooting that you think I didn't list, please reread my post.

Regarding black powdwer cartridge competition, Mike Venterino writes of it quite often, see Rifle and or Handloader magazines. Some of his stuff is quite interesting and informative, depending on one's interests.

As to 200 yard 22 rim fire competition at Seagirt, as in New Jersey, right, I never got involved much in small bore competition. Also, Seagirt was years and years ago, wasn't it? I first shot at Camp Perry in 1970 or '71. As to shooting a 22 rf at 200 yards there, what with the way the wind sometimes blows, that would be quite a challenge. I do not recall evwer seeing 200 yard 22 rf shooting there, but I might have missed something interesting.

Actually shooting the NMC + 1000 yards with center fire rifles (30-06 and 308) was quite enough for me, but to each their own.
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