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I have a Browning Safari in 30.06 with a BOSS system. when it is "dialed in" I have 1' groups out at 200 yards. However, "dialing it in" is a task. The numbers must be zeroed on the sysytem then the number dial lock tited. If it is allowed to shift you have just wasted a lot of time and money. Then you have to pick the round. I use a remington accubond 30.06, 165 grain, with a Nosler tip and boat tail bullet. Buy a few boxes of your ammo. I would shoot three round groups. Ajust the setting either way(right or left), but get them to come together. Keep working untill you have it dialed in. The Boss is super loud and does help with the recoil. Once it is "dialed in" you will know the sweet spot. I only use one type of ammo, but you can keep a card of the setting if you change ammo. There was a time when some ammo had a starting number to set the Boss so it would take less time to dial in. If used properly it adds accuray that only the bench guys know.
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