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Illuminated Scopes for Bad eyes 150 yds +/-.40SW carbine

Hello folks!!

I haven't had a scope since I was 13. it was not illuminated but it was illuminating.

I want to get an illuminated scope, but am not sure where I’ll be getting the best value, and I feel I’m going to need a green retical. Or red circle. A red dot likely won’t be much help to these eyes. I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be electronically lit up too.

Neither am I sure about what power (magnifycation) I’ll need as the numbers just confuse me. I don’t recall which is the magnifier, field, tube, lens dia. etc., so some one please shed some light on this subject for me?

I’m thinking $250 - $300… less if possible. Pre-owned is OK too.

Any ideas of what I should be looking for… or looking at? Buruss, Millet? Leatherwood? Aim Point? Nikon? Hasbro? Matell? Weaver? Hubbel?

I want to be able to cover my property and then some. 180ft does that.

I also want to be able to fend off intruders inside my home, and the occasional & outright annoying members of the undead.. as we all know, they require a direct insertion of a pill into their brains. . So accuracy speed, and low light operation is important.

What I want is likely way more $$$ but how close can I get for the funds in my budget?

Thanks a ton.
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