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Thanks for the comments.

The QC cross threading issue could have been avoided. I also read that there have been a number of design improvements to help avoid some of the issues. The retaining pin on the bolt that came out was one of them. The other was the forearm retention. I normally try to avoid purchasing the first generation of a new product to market as there are normally issues that need to be hashed out. Despite that, having the chance to shoot one from the tour Remington did enough to convince me to give it a shot.

After writing my thoughts, I was debating if I would own another one. I think for the right price I would get another one. In my opinion, it would be a great choice if it were in the 900 to 950 range. I also think I would only purchase a new one as I would want that two year warranty. If the bolt didn't come apart on me, I would be much more positive on the gun. As it stands, it is a good gun, better than some, but with room for improvement.
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