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Brings up a potentially interesting point for the historians among you

We are treated to reports of revolvers being marketed with extra cylinders which certainly gives credence to the practice of keeping extra loaded cylinders as a viable historical possibility.

On the other hand, in a region in which money was scarce, how likely is it that a person who considered his revolver as one of the many tools he had to carry either on his hip, the saddle, or saddle bags, would find a place to buy a revolver in the set described, and then have the money to invest.

I am reminded of Duvall's comment in Open range about how he acquired his revolver. "I took it from a man who could not afford to pay me for some cows."

That comment does not indicate anything in the way of historical fact in and of itself. It is from a movie (fiction)

We are also treated to some reports that ranch hands were issued firearms by the owner of the ranch and who may not have owned their own personal weapon.

So the question for me is:

For the person who felt the need to acquire and carry a revolver of any consequence, where did he (or she) get it?

Trade for it? Handed down from dad or grand dad? buy it from a private individual? Buy it from a store or shop?

And when he did, how much control did he have over what he got? Did the individual have to be satisfied with some slim pickens, or were there enough revolvers available that he could pick and choose?

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