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I have owned three Taurus revolvers, still have two ... the first gun I ever bought, which currently resides in my glovebox, is a steel 85 ... I've had it for about 20 years, have never had a problem ... also had a .22mag which was faultless, sold it a while back, wish I still had it ... my problem child was a 617 7-rd .357 snubbie ... the trigger was very gritty and it locked up after shooting two-three cylinders full ... rather than waste time shipping it back, I took it to a 'smith; the trigger is now glass-smooth ... he also opened up the cylinder-barrel gap, which was so tight that the heat from firing expanded the metal enough to lock the cylinder until it cooled ... for $85, I got an excellent gun which is accurate, smooth shooting and (now) problem-free ... I wish the gun had come to me from the factory in perfect condition, but for me the extra cost was worth it ... I wouldn't hesitate to buy another Taurus revolver; in fact, I'm looking to replace the .22 mag ... not sure I'd try one of their semi's; their quality control is for me just too iffy.

Oops, forgot my PT-25, also sold and missed ... it never had a problem ... just got tired of stocking yet another caliber, so let it go ... if they made one in .22 mag, I'd be first in line ...
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