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first of all have FUN! Second of all, if you don't know if a shotgun fits you well, find someone who knows how to properly fit you to a gun. Other than that, there is one achievement with dove hunting or skeet shooting that has changed my game ten fold that I taught myself. This particular subject is..... POINT THE SHOTGUN. Do not aim it like a rifle. Teach yourself to focus only and ONLY on the object (flying or fixed) with BOTH eyes open. Do not look at the bead of the gun, but keep it in your peripheral vision. If your are indeed aiming the shotgun I hope this helps. But if you are pointing the gun and focusing on the target as I have mentioned, then at least your are doing a huge favor to yourself already. If you are aiming, tell yourself before you raised the gun to your shoulder to not aim with the bead and to focus, focus, focus, on the target. Get that down and you will be popping them out of the sky with ease. One more thing..... Follow through with your shot. If you shoot a clay and it busts in half and you still have an eye on one of the pieces, stay swinging with the gun as if you were going to shoot at it like you did before the first shot. It will help you.... I PROMISE!!!! Good luck and keep shooting. You will get better.
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