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Similar problem with two game cameras

I had two game cameras develop the same problem at the same time. They are both Moultries. One is a Model D-40 flash type about three years old. The other is a Model I90 IR type about a year old. The display screen on both went blank. All I could see on either was a few dots. I pulled them off the trees and brought them into the house about a week ago. The strange thing is that the screens are coming back. In fact the D-40 display is completely back. The I90 is mostly back. The display on it has two horizontal lines of text one above the other. The top line is now complete. The bottom line is complete except for two thin blank lines through the text. It is complete enough that I can make it out to program the camera. I plan to put the D-40 back out in a couple of days. I think I will wait a little longer on the I90 to see if it will come back completely.

I wonder if the heat could have caused the displays to go blank? We had several days of temperatures over 100 degrees.
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