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Pete - You're absolutely right. The crumbs we get during the Olympics are the only mass media coverage of shooting sports we see in the U.S. That's a shame. Shooting is the second most popular participation sport in the U.S. after running.

I don't place the full blame on NBC, though. The traditional shooting sports are as fun to watch as drying paint. The ISSF is twisting itself into knots trying to come up with exciting finals formats for their big matches in the hopes of getting some TV time. So far, it hasn't worked worth squat.

Until they scrap it all, start over, and shoot plates like the biathletes I don't think the rifle and pistol sports can possibly cross over the line into "watchable" territory. Of course, the ISSF would never do anything like that. Whoever controls pentathlon actually went the wrong way with their event, re-vamping the shooting portion so that it's even more abstract than it has been in the past and, thus, less fun to watch.
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