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What did you get? I was about to also recommend a used single stage press (preferably RCBS but any bench mount is going to be so much easier to use that the wack-a-mole)

I started with a rockchucker, a 5-0-5 scale and a set of dies. I would pour powder into a cereal bowl and tap tap tap powder into the scale with a spoon. Later in our teeny duplex I mounted the Rockchucker to an apt size table that barely fit into the bedroom closet and let me shut the doors. Then I would pull it out on weekends into the living room to load.

You know where this is going! It is very satisfying (and economical) to load your own ammo so consequently, it is very addictive. The economy is poor, grandpas reloading gear can be had for pennies on the dollar at yard sales. Buy all the good deals you can even if not your caliber and trade it off on the gun boards for stuff you can use. This has been working very well for me.

Welcome to the reloading world. You're a minority now. I read that only 3% of gunowners (worldwide) hand load their own ammo. Read everything you can get your hands on, ask questions. fwiw, I have 11 load manuals. Even old manuals are good because they have good articles in them and if you load your own ammo, your friends will know it and you may be bequeathed someones old powder in the original containers...then you'll have data for it in the old manuals. It's happened to me a couple times now. How about a couple pics?
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