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NAA Mini Revolver - reassembly?

Hello everyone. I am working on an old North American Arms Mini Revolver .22lr. It's a learning project for me. It had a bad hammer and wouldn't strike the bullets. I ordered a new hammer for it. I disassembled it after discovering the hammer screw was reverse threaded and uncovered the plethera of mini parts.

I got the hammer swapped and the gun most of the way back together. I ran into a problem getting the side plate on and posted a thread on this site. I've since resolved that issue and you can review it here:

Now that I can get the side plate on, I go to reassemble the gun. My issue is that if I don't put the main spring in, I can get everything together fine. However, I can't get the mainspring in once the side plate is on. That may be the correct way to reassemble, but I don't want to force anything if I'm not sure that's the way.

If I go the other route and put the main spring in from the start, then it becomes much harder to keep all the little parts in and the screw hole through the side plate, hammer, and frame just won't line up. When I play around to try to get it lined up, the main spring (which I've come to hate) will invariably pop off. Does anyone have any suggestions or have you put one back together. I've almost lost that little main spring half a dozen times. I also don't believe I have anything I could use as a follower, though I just thought that I have a set of different sized punches I could use. Not sure if they're exactly right either. Thank for the help, as always.
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