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Really? Yes, ymmv. Let's examine this a bit.

The revered 30-06 will launch at 180gr Speer at around 2700fps according to the Alliant book.

At 300yds this bullet will be going 2169fps and have 1880ft/lbs of energy.

This 180gr 30-06 load will recoil approx 2lbs less than a 338 Federal 200gr Speer launched at 2750fps (which by the way at 300 yds is going 2211 fps and has 2171ft/lbs of energy) out of a similar weight rifle.

Sounds very similar doesn't it. Yet, the 338 does this out of a shorter 308case while still throwing a larger caliber bullet.

Just sayin....we all have a personal opinion. That's why we're on this website.
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