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I completely agree with you, but you know you would think people would be more upset.

What if I just walked on over to texas and took you right to carry a firearm open or consealed? took all your mags over 10/15 rounds and made any pistol grip shotgun or rifle with a threaded muzzle/bayo lug/moveable stock illegal? what if you could only buy one gun per month? and that only after waiting 1-6 months for the permit to do so and pay 20 dollars for the permit you just waited for.

You as a free man would be awfully upset...but it seems like "hey its not happening to me and they can move" mindset if stopping there from being a massive outrage and outcry.

I wish more people truly understood what it was like to not be free to protect yourself or your family. It's not just an inconvience its an injustice.
My crack defense force of full auto wiener dogs would insure not all of you would survive the attempt, and they would be parts you would miss.

I also can't get worked up about it. We elect the politicians we get. You (generic) wouldn't have those laws as a potential issue in the first place if you had a supportive politicians.

Don't like those laws, sue for your rights. Work for legislators more understanding of the 2nd Amendment.
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