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another point to consider....

When the 94 AWB became law, along with its 10rnd limit for new mag capacity, do you know what one of the unintended consequences was?

Service class pistols, ones that were designed to have 13, 15, 17, etc.. round mags now could only be sold with mags that held 10rnds. Same size as the so called "hi cap" mags, but only 10 rnds.

There were two entirely predictable responses by the gun makers and shooting public. Grandfathered "hi cap" mags saw a huge increase in price (constant demand, limited supply - basic capitalism) and gun makers came out with models having smaller gripframes (balanced with shorter slides) to take the smaller 10rnd mags.

They called them "compact" versions. And you know what? To the gun banner's horror, the smaller, compact versions were easier to conceal!

One result of the "hi cap" ban was a flood of smaller, more easily concealable pistols. Instead of rendering the service size pistols less likely to be "on the street" what it did was actually increase the number of more easily concealable handguns availabe to the public! Somehow, I don't think that was what the "hi-cap" banners had in mind.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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