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While I am not in agreement with the VPC, nor do I support they having a FFL since they are outspoken against firearm ownership, they do mention having an FFL on their website, with their reasoning behind it.

Originally Posted by VPC website link below
The Violence Policy Center surveyed six major firearm distributors to ascertain which firearm manufacturers were complying with the agreement. The VPC holds a Federal Firearms License (FFL); many distributors require an FFL before they will discuss their products.

One may be curious though if the VPC is held in such scrutiny as a normal person applying for or renewing an FFL.

As to being in the business of dealing in firearms requirement. I guess it could be argued either way, but the number of firearm transfers would be interesting to know, since the ATF requires some level of activity (transfers) for renewel. Also interesting to know would be if/how they are complying with zoning and other local regulations.

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