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Originally Posted by Hawg Haggen
No eye witness accounts, no written record, no pictoral record, no cylinder pouches in pics or museums.
The documention for these items have been mentioned on this forum before and "De Nile" isn't just a river in Egypt.
There has been some documentation mentioned on this site for extra cylinders with cased sets, that a Navy spare cylinder pouch existed and there's photos of a museum quality 1851 holster rig that belonged to a civil war officer.
Gee whiz, all over movie trivia....

Original 1851 Navy and holster rig - must see

Originally Posted by bedbugbilly
The U.S. Navy issued a spare cylinder box very similar to this one only it had a wood block in the bottom with a shallow blind hole the diameter of the cylinder. They were placed in the box with the nipples in the up position - just as this box illustrates. The navy box held two cylinders and there was no divider of any kind between the cylinders.
carrying spare cylinders-dangerous ?

Originally Posted by madcratebuilder
I have two books that reprint much of the Colt sales records, extra cylinders are very rarely mentioned and then only with cased sets.

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