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I'm sorry I took it as you were talking about location. You'd led me to believe you were making a point about where your puppy was born. So if the dog was born here in America what makes it a Drahthaar rather than a Wirehair?

Anyway if you're talking about a truly versatile dog you don't have to buy a DD or DK. You could just go get yourself an American Plott Hound. This breed is probably the premier small to large game hunting dog in America and perhaps in the world. This breed will hunt and track everything that has feathers, fur, hair etc. I bet they'd track and hunt fish too if fish didn't live in an environment that dogs can't survive in - under water. I know a Plott Hound that tracked and retrieved downed birds, chased rabbits, treed coons and bayed bear and deer all the same - and you know what? It never received ANY hunt training. All it got was obedience training.
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