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I never said location of breeding had any thing to do with it, my pup was born and breed her in the U.S.

What does make a difference is the breeding standards. If you notice the Germans refer to the dog as the "Wire hair" or the "Short Hair" Pointer is not part of the name. When most people think if a German wire hair or short hair here in the U.S. they automatically associate it with pointer, hence the abbreviation GWP, GSP. This is because here in the U.S. breeders have focused on the pointing aspect of the breed in general. Very few breed with versatility in mind, and with show breeding common here in the states and inter breeding between the field and show lines, I can't see how any one would think the German version and the AKC version are exactly the same. They may look similar, and some breed in the AKC system will without a doubt show an aptitude for versatility, but they are not the same. You can't change what decades of breeding has done to the AKC version of the breed.
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