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Originally Posted by ag3nt
update....... just got back from the trip out there to pick them up.... they were magically registered when i got there.. not 12 hours ago but just now they were hmmmmm. ive contacted a lawyer i believe they violated my guns are back though

servo- not arrested no ticket nothing, i was literally put in handcuffs until the searched my car-forgot what thats called
You have your firearms back, and you did NOT get cited for breaking the law. I don't think your rights were violated. I think they cut you at least a couple of breaks and I strongly suggest that you give thanks to the deity of your choice for getting off so lightly, and drop the matter.

I'm sure others here will join me in expressing the hope that this incident will serve as a reminder that breaking laws carries consequences. Just as I posted about not assuming anything on the Internet, likewise you cannot assume anything in real life. I don't know why you thought ("assumed") it was legal to shoot on state land, but I'm fairly certain a quick Internet search of your state's web site would have taken you to some agency's page informing you that it is NOT legal. owning, carrying and shooting deadly weapons is an awesome responsibility. We who exercise our 2nd Amendment rights really can't "assume" anything.
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