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If you paid more to have the brass pollished and it was not cleaned then OK complain. If you paid less than $50 per thousand +/- $10 you got what you paid for if they shipped it quickly. Oh and if it was flat rate they go by weight. There is a maximum weight that they can ship in those boxes so if it was 15 short be glad you got the ones you did at a fraction of what you would pay for new stuff.
I disagree completly. If the brass was sold as "cleaned and polished brass" then regardless of the price, it should have been clean and shiny. Just because they are giving a good deal, doesnt mean its OK to send something other than what was advertised. If its that good a deal, he shoudlnt have to lie about it being cleaned and polished. As for the weight, if they sent the weight of 15 45ACP cases as .22LR cases, thats also not OK. Yea shipping by weight you might be plus or minus a few, but not 15 in a 2000 case order. Had the cases been cleaned and polished, the .22lr cases probabty wouldn't have slipped through the sorter.....

Your post makes me think of the guy that makes a scene at the counter of burger joint when they forgot to put pickles on your burger then start causing a loud scene demanding that they give you two more meals for fee because they screwed up.
No, its like he ordered something advertised as a " 1/2 lb pickle burger", and he received a 1/4lb burger with no pickles, then when he went to the counter to ask them to make it right and they said "well thats too bad, the advertised weight includes the bun, lettuce, and condiments, and it would cost us more than the pickles are worth to have someone put them on now that you have the burger. Tell you what, we will put the missing pickles on your next burger"... At that point I think he could be forgiven for making a scene. When you get something thats so grossly misadvertised, the last thing you want to do is spend MORE money there....

I guess if the 1/2 lb pickle burger only cost $0.99 he should just shut his mouth and eat his 1/4 pound no-pickle burger? Honestly, it has "pickles" right in the advertisement (cleaned and polished) and he shoudldnt have to pay for fluf (15 cases missing, with the missing weight being taken up in .22lr cases)....
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