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Recoil is percieved differently by different shooters

What may be minor to one person might cause the next guy a bit of discomfort. And the flinch reflex is one of the most frustrating darn things there is about shooting, to me.

Recoil pad is the biggest issue, and rifle weight is second. Adding a really good pad is number one. Weight can be added fairly easily by drilling a hole into the stock from under the butt pad, and inserting a snuggly fitting lead rod. A pad and a pound of added weight will help immensly.

Shooting from the bench makes recoil worse, as stated by others. If you can latch onto a weighted shooting rest like the "Lead Sled" and sight in with that, it will help decrease any flinchitis that may set in if you take 10 rounds to really get dialed in. If you start flinching you may spend all day trying to get sighted.

Good luck!
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