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I might be wrong but I think the 30-06 machine gun ammo was too hot for the Garand.
I beg to differ. I have de-linked .30 cal. AP M2 cartridges and loaded it into M1 clips.

Aircraft issued ammunition was API, Armor Piercing Incendiary. This was not issued to infantry units, but was issue to AAA units.

Incidentally linked ammunition was all the same when issued, that is, the whole belt was API. If the gunner desired, he inserted the tracers as desired.

During my brief service career, .30 caliber ammunition was issued in three ways, all came in those nice olive drab steel boxes we cherished; (1) in 8 round clips (2) 250 rounds, linked (3) loose, boxed in 20 round boxes, buff colored cardboard.

.45 Ammunition was issued in 50 round boxes, with four half moon clips in each box.

.30 Carbine ammunition was issued either in fifteen round stripper clips or twenty round boxes, loose.

We had linking/de-linking machines, though I never used one. They looked like a three-hole paper punch, a little. Supposedly one loaded cartridges into the grooves and links into corresponding slots, then pushed then handle down and one suddenly had a very short belt of ammunition.

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