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Oh and just so its settled, a GSP is a GSP; a GWP is a GWP etc. It doesn't matter if its called that in German or in English its still the same breed. Calling ones dog a Duetsch Kurzhaar or Drahthaar doesn't make it any more special than a GSP or GWP.
It does make a big difference, again what is the minimum standard for breeding an AKC dog? Simple, if the dog is registered then that is all there is to it. For the dogs in the German and some other breed clubs, but specifically the Germans ones since that seems to be of debate, the dog has to meet certain standards before it is allowed to breed, both in function and form. If you argue that this is no big deal, then why do you put so much weight on the pedigree of your dogs?

As you know with retrievers, getting the most out of your pup starts with knowing which pedigree mix to buy from. I would wager that if mom and pop Johnson breed their minimum pedigree lab with the neighbors lab who also had nothing significant in its pedigree you would probably pass or give not much more than $100.00-$200.00 for the pup. But if the owner of one of the top ten dogs in the nation breed their labs and you had the money, you would probably be in line for one.

In the German breeding system each aspect of the dogs abilities are scored so that it is easier to find a complement to that dog. Each dog is scored on their tracking, pointing,retrieving, cooperation, and confirmation. And in the case of the DD they are tested on both fur and blood tracking, I am not sure about others.

Each dogs scores are recorded by the test judges on that dogs pedigree so that when you want to breed your dog, you have a reasonable guestamation of the other dogs abilities and weaknesses.

Unlike labs there is not difference between field trial dogs and show dogs since they hunt test and judge conformation on every dog, and field trials do not exist for these dogs.

You and I and any one else who has been around labs for more than ten minutes can see the difference between a field trail lab and a dog show lab just by looking at them. I would also bet that neither one would make ideal hunting companions. I have seen my fair share of both fail miserably in the duck blind.
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