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A real big question here for you. (Actualy two questions.)

How much did you pay for the brass?


How long did you have to wait for it?

With most idividuals that sell prefired brass they sell by about, or aproximated numbers. 985 .45 ACP cases at a low price shipped is forgivable if the price was right. The .22 lr probably slipped though the sorter. Toss them into the trash can. If you paid more to have the brass pollished and it was not cleaned then OK complain. If you paid less than $50 per thousand +/- $10 you got what you paid for if they shipped it quickly. Oh and if it was flat rate they go by weight. There is a maximum weight that they can ship in those boxes so if it was 15 short be glad you got the ones you did at a fraction of what you would pay for new stuff.

Your post makes me think of the guy that makes a scene at the counter of buger joint when they forgot to put pickles on your buger then start causing a loud scene demanding that they give you two more meals for fee because they screwed up.

Now with that said. Go to a range, and pick up some brass. Some actualy sell it by weight. Though you will have to sort it. If it super dirty skip the tumbler, wash it. Put it on a towell to dry for a while. It will work just fine.

Here is my brass supplier. Cost is a yearly range membership, and giving the guys a few cold drinks on hot days.

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