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Used Brass Suppliers


I would like to advise you not to procure used brass from a company called, "Mark The Brassman". The advertisement from his company states that brass is cleaned, polished and sorted. However, a recent order placed for 2000 units of 45 ACP and 9mm used brass was neither cleaned nor polished. In addition, the order was shipped minus 15 pieces of 45 ACP. In contacting Mark Sobczak in regard to the error, he stated that he shipped by weight. I informed him that he also shipped me used .22 LR rimfire cases, which are of no value to me. He refused to correct the initial order and would only state that he will give a credit for the missing brass. Maybe I am technical but when I order a count I fully expect to recieve the count that has been ordered, and not a shortage, much less a customer service response that it would cost him more to ship the missing pieces than correct the order placed. Please use caution when conducting business with this merchant. I for one will never use his services again.
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