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I understand now what you mean by DKV - however you're talking about a breed specific club and that's rather narrow. I have had no previous experience with them nor have I even heard of them till now because I don't foresee myself ever actually working with GSP, GWP etc. They're pointers and I didn't specialize in flushing dogs to work with pointers.

I do admit though that because of this I know absolutely nothing about the DKV tests you're referring to and visiting the link you posted doesn't say much regarding the actual testing - just rough overviews as to what each test (names being in German) means.

As for the NAVHDA I've been to a couple of their events and haven't seen any blood tracking - just birds and I have to say that honestly I'm not impressed. I appreciate their desire to further dogs and hunting sports and I'm also aware that what they train for is sufficient for most hunters but I look for a higher level of training in my dogs and dogs of other trainers in my arena of play.

Oh and just so its settled, a GSP is a GSP; a GWP is a GWP etc. It doesn't matter if its called that in German or in English its still the same breed. Calling ones dog a Duetsch Kurzhaar or Drathaar doesn't make it any more special than a GSP or GWP. It just means you spent more money importing it from Germany right? I may not play in the pointer arena but I've seen many champion and master pointer hunters who were were born and raised in America. Many of those were GSP or GWP. There's really good bloodlines in America too - you just have to look for it. Just because it came from another country doesn't necessarily make it better.
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