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Originally Posted by Ag3nt
sorry bout that, im an honest citizen i figured it was implied that im legal and have all documentation ...
a) Nothing is implied on the Internet. If you don't say it ... it isn't said.

b) You could be 100 percent legal and still not have documentation. I keep all receipts for firearms in an envelope in my gun safe -- except that about a year ago that envelope went walk-about. I am 100 percent legal for every firearm I own ... but I don't have documentation to prove it. The oldest was my grandfather's .22 rifle, which is now mine. No receipt for a gift from my grandfather, of course, but entirely legal. Next oldest is a .22 revolver I bought before all the paperwork requirements came into being. I haven't seen the receipt for that one in nearly 50 years, but it was all bought and paid for from a legitimate FFL gun shop.
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