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That scope has an objective bell OD of 49.3mm, or 1.94". The bore center-line (scope tube) of the "low" DNZ scope mount is 1" to the bottom (resting surface) of the mount base.
With a "low" mount, you'd have a minimum of .030" clearance between objective bell OD... plus what ever the value of the barrel step is.

1.940" bell diameter divided by 2 (centerline) is .970"
1.000" total clearance available from the mount, minus .970" is .030"
.030" plus ? added clearance for barrel step is .030" plus.

If you are going to use scope covers of any significant thickness, the clearance for this will be the .030" plus barrel step difference. If you're paranoid about clearance, get the "medium" ring mount... which has an additional .125" of rise.

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