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I am extremely interested in the outcome of this case, not only because of the implications it would have to support second amendment rights but also personally.
Hello everyone...
I too am a new found DVMC.
I am not going to pass on the particulars but I can say that I intend to spend the rest of my life working to reform the DV laws.
I was an avid hunter. I own and operated an outdoor forum, community and multi-site blog and have set up firearms events for women, children and and training \charity events. My organization helped get the castle docrtrine passed in Pennsylvania. All of these things I have abandoned. I could go on and on...
I never thought this would happen to me. You think these things only happen to thugs, wife batterers and the like.
Per advice from now fired attorney, I declined my prelim. I had lost a career dream job and had to go with a Public Defender. My PD tells me that I should take a first offenders program and have it expunged later on and deal with it.
The day of my trial (Unknown to me that I am going to trial) I am summoned to arrive (in another part of the state) or plead in front of a judge. I get there almost 4 hours late.
The atty has no case prepared, the judge refuses to extend the time to gather evidence and I am given an ultimatum - 6 months jail if I loose or no jail time and a 300$ fine if I plead.
I struggle with the fact that the "Victim" wasn't my wife ( I was married and am in process of divorce) , she was an ex from a few years before that I had worked out a deal to trade some work that was mutually beneficial.
Not my Spouse, cohabitator, wife, mother of my children, was this woman.
I was charged with Simple Assault with DV tag (Misdemenaor of the 2nd Degree)- because I grabbed her by her arms and walked her to my door and put her outside and locked it.
I have mountains of evidence that my attorney told me was not admissible...
I am finally coming out of the shock and want to do something about it.
This is my very first post and so I hope that I'm taken seriously. I am genuine and sincere and am looking for information that may enable me get my gun rights restored.
I'm not going into the particulars of my case simply because I don't want to be judged. I have never hit a woman and do not intend to justify my actions to anyone. I am required to avoid minimization, denial and blame weekly for 30 weeks a requirement to fulfill due to the charge and rehabilitation.
My future plans are to inform folks that the DV laws need to be changed. I think women should be protected and rightfully so but I do not think mandatory immediate incarceration, loss of firearms privilege or anything of the associated penalties that come with a charge that does not require evidence, witness or proof.
Any information in regard to Enos vs. Holder, suggested legal council or steps to take to turn this around are appreciated.
Regards and happy shooting to those of you who can.
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