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I have 3 scales.

One of them is the Lee Safty Scale that came with the kit. It is accurate, and it works. The trade off is picky about how it is used. I use it to check my other two scales against which is not very often. Cost of one is Less than $20 at most places, as few dollars more from others. A great scale for the money, that never needs batteries.

Next is the $30 cheapo digital. It works just fine for what I used it for, and still use it for. I first used it to check powder weight when adjusting my measure for pistol loads. As well as weighing cases, and cast bullets. I still use it to weigh my cast bullets, and for water capacity of fired cases. I keep a supply of fresh batteries on hand. If weigts are not repeated for the same thing weighed it means that the batteries are low. Changing them out has always fixed the problem.

Last is a Hornady LNL Automatic Powder Dispenser with the scale built in. I use it for rifle loads. For that it shines through with flying colors. There is a very short learning curve when one first uses it. After that it is doubtful I will go back to the old powder measure, scale, and trickler anytime soon. (It was gifted to me. I would never have paid the over $200 price for it.)

If you want a good user friendly scale that never needs batteries, a beam scale of the Ohaus family will serve you well for more than likely the rest of your days, and probably a generation, or two of others after that. Prices vary. The plus side is it is a one time only cost.

Regardless of which you buy check weights are imperative. If it is a digital I would not buy one that does not have a check/calibraition weight with it. For the beam scale you may need to purchase a set of check weights to periodicly check to see that it is still weighing the same.
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