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I got by with a cheap digital for a while, and I was sharp enough to easily spot when it was acting up. And it did act up.

I finally had enough of it and I was able to snag a used Dillon Eliminator from a guy on my local forum -- who later regretted selling it.

This scale is painted in pretty Dillon Blue, but like so many beam scales, it's made by Ohaus. It has been a rock and I trust it always, but even still -- I check it's zero often just to be sure.

It's one of the tools on my bench that I would never, ever be without. And the next time I get any sort of digital scale... anywhere from a $30 cheap Chinese one to a $350 fancy one, it will have to have been given to me by someone, or offered at a nutbar low price.

I've used my beam scale enough to know that it's EXACTLY what I like.
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