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I know. There are literally hundreds out there, all touting their capabilities.

A fast trigger (shutter) and invisible IR flash are an absolute necessity, as is it’s silent operation.

The plan is this will be setup 24/7/365 for security. Easily hidden and reliable. Some reviews on some of these cameras are frightening. Will occasionally change it's position and actually use it for what it was designed for. Photographing wild critters.

As a case in point. The following is a high res photo taken thru a window of our resident female coyote.

She has been around for about 2 ½ years now. Her right rear leg is useless but she has adapted to getting around reasonably well. She shows up every afternoon, to wait for grub (table scraps). We have gone to great lengths to make sure what we are doing does in NO WAY attempt to tame her. She is still VERY careful around anything she doesn’t know intimately. When she comes into season, she will occasionally show up with at least one male in tow. She has shown up once with what I take to be a pup, weaned, but still sill with Mom.

Ordinarily, I would never feed a wild animal like this, but with her useless leg, I can only surmise that it is our feeding that she is still alive today. She will show up, lay down under a creosote bush and wait for grub. When we step out to feed her, she gets up and moves a long way off. Once we put the food down, she will cautiously approach and eat. In this heat, we put an additional bowl of water down for her. She circled this bowl, and her grub, for at least a half hour before she would eat. She would grab a bite and step back because this bowl of water was new. In the end, she never touched the water. Water is available elsewhere on the property which she knows.

Ms Wily Coyote.


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