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"the real thing", Glock vs S&W....

I don't know how this topic turned into soda-pops we all know & love but to get back to the MAIN subject, I recall Glock and Smith & Wesson having a huge legal dispute over the S&W SIGMA pistols in the early-mid 1990s.
Glock had a big share of the duty pistol & armed defense market with their "state of the art" wonder-gun and wasn't very happy when S&W jumped into the polymer pistol arena.

I agree with big firms or major corporations that sue/take legal action against smaller firms. These companies rip off & mislead the general public, then cry or whine when they get caught.
Years ago, I saw a print ad for a used-low end furniture store chain with Cindy Crawfords photo. Did she or her lawyers allow the ad? Was she paid for it? Wouldnt she have a conflict with Rooms To Go(a large business she DOES do ads for)?
That's just an example.

PS: I'm always fond of Vernors(a MI area staple) & Cheerwine(a cherry flavored soft drink sold in the mid-south).
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