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powder bushings are easily altered to how much they'll throw for a specific powder....

spin them in a lathe or drill press ....and lightly, with some emery cloth --- open them up a little / until you get what you want. Use a permanent marker - to remark them -- or a Dremel tool if you want...

You can tighten a bushing up as using some clear nail polish ...let it dry inside the bushing / then use the emery cloth to tune it ....but personally, I just toss them out ( they're cheap ) ...and you can pick up all kinds of bushings from Mec, your local dealers or your local gunshows.

( I hate the universal charge bars.../at least the ones produced for MEC ).

I just keep the standard bars in 3/4oz, 7/8 oz, 1 oz, 1 1/8 oz around ) ....pick those up at gunshows, etc as well...). The Universal charge bars come loose ..and they aggravate I just keep it simple.
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