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The whole reason I got the breed of dog I did was because of the tight breeding standards and high expectations of the pups and dogs. It is quite common for a Deutsch Drahthaar with minimal training to be able to do it all.
Sure am glad that royalty is going to be so great. Get off the high and mighty man, I've had quite a number of continentals that just picked up everything or automatically just knew what you wanted them to do. Be it on a dove field, tracking a blood trail, sitting in a duck blind or hunting upland.

In fact the best all around hunting dog that I have ever seen was a Blue Heeler drop mutt an old farmer had. That dog in no specific order would herd cattle, bay pigs, tree coons, run with the beagles on rabbits, run deer, retrieve doves, and went every morning and got the old farmer's paper. When the old farmer died they would find that dog besides his headstone 5 miles away on a weekly basis.
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