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Instead of excellent accuracy I probably should have put acceptable accuracy would be an inch
But honestly a cheap round with light recoil under 1 ¼” would also work
Light recoil is just as or more important than accuracy is for now
Using berry’s or cast hits 2 out of 3 things I’m looking for but if the best they can do is a 2”-3” group there out
I thought the answer for my pet round would be using light weight 110gr varmint bullets there cheap and have a lot of reports of 1” or less shot groups but no idea about recoil
Reduced recoil loads are generally for hunting where a 2” shot group would be considered excellent
Don’t want to use any cat sneeze or rounds where I have to tip up the barrel to get the powder against the primer so I don’t blow up my gun
Target loads are mostly geared for longer range and cost/recoil isn’t much of a consideration
Hornady does have a match grade 168gr bullet at a decent price only about twice the cost of berry’s
This might be a case of almost anything I pick will work if I do my part finding the right charge
I can’t even find varget locally not much for reloading supplies in Milwaukee
So I’m ordering and have to pay the hazmat fee I just want to be sure I get what I need and the right stuff
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