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Hello, please help any advice is great guns confiscated

Hello long time lurker first time poster. Today my girl and i along with another couple went to some state land in southeast mi, we had a glock 19 (my girls) a m&p9mm and a m&p15-22 rifle both mine. we shot some targets safely for about 2 hours then left. We were pulled over immediatly by rifle point by local police forced onto the gravel face first and handcuffed and searched. I understand they wanted to make things safe and we were legal, which my girl and i both have our cpl. our guests didnt however. clean records all around. I guess someonemade a complaint about gunfire. After about an hour he told me i cant shoot on state land ande confiscated my guns (all 3 ) because he said they were unregistered. had my pistol for about 3 months my girls had hers a few weeks and the rifle is 3 days old. i have receipts and paperwork.

will I ever see my property again?
thank you all for your time

btw m&p-was in center console - glock was in her purse rifle was unloaded in the trunk

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