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I also give a "thumbs up" to the Midway full size competition range bag. I bought two of them on sale and also have a smaller "Wolf" range bag.

I put everything (and I mean everything) that I need in those bags. One bag makes every trip and one is for the rifle range and one for the pistol range. The club range passes are even in the main bag as are glasses and hearing protection. On a good day, I load all of the bags and shoot everything!

I get a call...."Let's go to the range!" I pick up those bags, grab the ammo and selected firearms of the day, a jug of water and I'm gone!

I post a "loading list" on the cabinet where I keep the bags and I'm ready in a couple of minutes. I absolutely LOVE those bags!

The full size Midway Competition bag is huge and I once wondered how I would ever fill them up. HA! It's not a mystery any more!

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