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Thanks again for all the responses. The rifle has been reasonably well cared for by us, but as I consider where to go from here, I realize I have an older rifle which has some pitting, is an excellent shooter and was originally sporterized by my dad.

I'm thinking I should degrease, clean up the exterior the best I can and spray with some miracle finish in a can. Maybe change to cock on open, cut the barrel to 22 - 24", recrown and grind off the last round hold open device. . .or not! Then bed it properly in a laminate, fiberglass or refinish the original sporter stock(damaged by my artificial hand when young) and throw a 10x scope on it.

Now, it has some kind of normal looking scope base on it. Does anyone know what scope bases it was commonly machined for? Rem 700?? Win 70??
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