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Maybe it's time to stop pretending to be PC, and the worlds shooting competitors just abandon the Olympics for some other venue.
Plenty to choose from.
Uh, no.

There may be plenty to choose from in the U.S. but in the rest of the world, there's only one shooting contest in existence. It happens every four years and it's called the Olympics.

All other shooting falls into four categories - trying to get to the Olympics, part of your job, training for something, or having fun. Sure, other diversions like benchrest rifle and cowboy action shooting happen all over the world but there's only one worldwide standard of shooting excellence - the Olympics. As far as pretty much the entire world is concerned, everything else is a meaningless sideshow.

Ralf Schumann, the multiple medal winner in Rapid Fire Pistol, can't walk down the street in Germany without being mobbed for autographs. In China, entire restaurants full of people will stop and hold their breath during a televised Men's 50M Pistol finals. Heck, the founder of the modern Olympics was a pistol shooter and the first medal of each Olympics, by tradition, goes to a pistol shooter. The world's shooters will NOT leave the Olympics, period, even though it's always possible that the Olympics might leave them.

As for the lasers in pentathlon, that was a result of politics and money. The people that make that expensive equipment are making a good profit and don't care squat about helping the shooting sports.
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